Guide- Bastard 7" 
Down-tuned breakneck hardcore and thrash from Murfreesboro TN. Crossing styles from 80s hardcore to powerviolence to straight up thrash metal 6 tracks in 9 minutes. Includes download card which includes an extra song.

Enabler/Yautja Split 7"
Two new installments from this Milwaukee metallic hardcore band, Enabler, with fresh blood in a new lineup, come with a combination of technical songwriting and powerful, high energy hardcore. They pair up with Yautja, out of Nashville. Yautja brings a thicker and darker style to the split, with heavy technical crusty metal. Old and new fans will not be disappointed.


Catheter/Massgrave 10"
Re-issue of a grind core classic! Catheter brings their blasting double bass driven grind, that will drop down into slow, sludgey breakdowns, to provide interesting breakdowns. Massgrave brings a bit darker dissonant vibe. Ragingly fast grind with interesting rythms and some more moderate tempos thrown in.


Coming Soon:
Fuck this Comp, featuring Abrupt, Doom Siren, Karoshi and many more. (I swear we'll have this out soon. Waiting on artwork.)

In the spring:
Abrupt 12"

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